Rally Rides & Training

We have a one-day ride planned on Saturday September 7th. The committee is  working on the routes and mileage options – and will include a century ride option. We have four rally rides planned - join us! Get to know fellow riders and the charities – each charity supports one rally ride and all four are there for the main ride in September!

Rally rides are a great way to get ready for the big ride, especially if you aren’t used to going on long distance rides. The first rally ride has a $5 fee, the second $10, and the third $15.  The fourth rally ride is a $20 fee (lunch included). ALL FEES ARE WAIVED IF YOU ARE PRE-REGISTERED FOR THE MAIN RIDE.

Every rally ride begins at 9am. Please plan to arrive about 30 minutes early to register/check-in.

#1 – Saturday, May 11 -  This route runs from Xenia to Corwin on the Bike Path with a rest stop in Corwin. The return is optional for riders, either all Bike Path back to Xenia OR country roads with some good ups and downs. Then returning to the Bike Path for the final 5 miles after a fun downhill on Richland Road. - Link to route

#2 – Sunday, June 9 – Link to Route
Xenia Station to South Charleston Station & back – approximately 46 miles

#3 – Saturday, July 13 – Link to Route
K&G Bike Center (Kettering – Marshall Rd) to Bellbrook & back – 50 miles

#4 – Sunday, August 18 – Link to Route
Young’s Jersey Dairy (in Yellow Springs) to Jamestown and back, lunch provided – Approximately 60 miles


Consider participating and supporting these other great local rides: