Event FAQ

Where do I register?

Click here to register for the event. 

I have special dietary needs. Will there be accommodations for me?

Please email any special dietary needs to jillyoung@youngdairy.com. The ride will provide vegetarian food options. We will do our best to accommodate other restrictions.

I want to do one of the longer routes, but what happens if I can’t make it?

If you become tired, we encourage riders to get in one of the support vehicles to rest. Often being driven to the next rest stop will give your body time to recuperate, and you can resume riding.

Keep training regularly prior to the event and always be well hydrated!

What happens if I do not have the fundraising minimum by ride day?

This is a charity fundraising event and the fundraising minimum ($250) cannot be waived. These minimums are mandatory and are due by ride day for participation in the event.

Start your fundraising efforts early. Ask coworkers, neighbors and friends for contributions. Make your ask personal. How have you or your family been impacted by Alzheimer’s – Juvenile Diabetes – a physical or mental disability? And then explain how one of the charities has helped your family cope with this problem. Other ideas – host a cookout and tell invitees why you ride and how it helps the community. Have a garage sale and donate the proceeds to your fundraising efforts.

My spouse and I both want to ride. Do we both pay a registration fee and do we both have to have the fundraising minimum?

Yes. The ride does make an exception for kids under 16 riding with their parent(s). That fundraising minimum is $50.

Can I register the day of the ride?

Yes. However, registering earlier gives us a chance to plan and schedule support and volunteers, but you can register at the last minute, on-site, on the day of the ride. 

Can I leave before the official start time?

Yes, however keep in mind that road support and rest stops are planned for the official start times, so you will be riding unsupported and at your own risk.

What are the route choices?

There are five different routes, depending on how far you want to ride. One day options are 23 miles, 44 miles, 61 miles, 81 miles and 100 miles (power loop).  All distances are approximate as slight changes may happen due to last minute road conditions, construction, etc.

When and where is the start of the ride?

Check-in and registration opens at 7am at Young's Event Center.   Please arrive at least 45 minutes early to allow time for registration so we can all start at the same time. A continental breakfast will be available.

If I raise a lot more money for the four charities, is there some reward for my hard work?

Yes. As an added incentive to those who raise charitable donations in excess of the minimum amounts, Top Fundraisers may qualify for a Top Prize or choose a prize from our catalog.

How much did the ride donate to the four charities last year? 

We were able to donate $89,000 to our charities in 2023.  A total of $1,703,400 has been donated to our charities from the Young’s Ice Cream Charity Bike Tour – thanks to our riders, volunteers and sponsors!

Are there rest stops?  What about ride support?

Yes! There are up to five rest stops depending on how far you ride, staffed by volunteers of each charity. There are several vehicles that drive the route during the rides that are there to help if needed, as well as a great group of ham radio operators keep an eye on us. Our overall ride support is the best there is!

Are there incentives for fundraising?

Yes!  There are incentives and the Prize Catalog for 2024.