Rider Tips

Here are some pointers for warm weather riding. You will lose water through your skin as you ride. You may not feel as though you sweat much; that is because sweat is evaporating as you ride. Keep the fluid levels high during your ride - water is best with some food as you ride. Resist the urge to fill up on Gatorade or other like liquids. Nothing wrong with a little Gatorade, but too much can give you stomach problems and inhibit water uptake a little bit.

A few days before the ride start to think about hydration: drink water, drink water, drink water…then before bed, drink water. If you wake up Thursday night and/or Friday night to pee a couple times….you are ready!


Road Rules
Wear your helmet! Stay to right when possible, but again, don’t make this safe route UNSAFE for others around you by YOUR actions. If you are passing someone, make sure the road is clear of cars (from behind or in front) and let people know you are passing. There is nothing wrong with passing or being passed, some people are naturally faster than others; just let them know. Be cautious around corners and when cresting hills, even rollers. If you are too far left and a car comes the opposite way a little left of center on a hidden curve or hill, there could be a possible unsafe condition. Use your noggins and remember, common sense is best!


Path Rules
We use the bike path for 1-day riders and as the return route for our 2-day riders from the lunch stop in Urbana.  Simply pedal the marked route to Urbana on Sunday, and cruise down the path from Urbana to Yellow Springs (Young’s). The path is not without some dangers. The path can be a great experience and a little easier on the legs as far as climbing is concerned. Use similar rules that you used on the road, allow faster cyclists a passing lane, give on-coming cyclists room to pass by (especially on narrow parts of the pathway). Do not ride more than two abreast. Watch for other trail users, skaters, dogs on leashes, dogs OFF leashes. There shouldn't be any issues on the bike path, if we don’t clog it up. If a large group of riders takes off all at once, make sure you fall into some sort of line, or wait a few minutes and let the path clear and you will probably have it all to yourself. We do not recommend “drafting” on any bike path.