The Cause

How It Works:

1. A Nonprofit Team Captain creates a team. A Captain is someone who believes in the mission of the Nonprofit they are riding for and is comfortable recruiting riders. The captain doesn't need to be a cyclist, but they do need to be a champion of the cause. You can find the Team Captain Handbook here.


2. Once the team is created, the Captain recruits Riders to join their team. Riders don't need to be affiliated with the Nonprofit or even with each other. They just need to have a passion for the Nonprofit mission. They also do not need to be serious cyclists. We have riding options from 1 mile to 100 miles, so there is an option for everyone! You also have the option to Fundraise Only.


3. Once a Rider is registered, they can start fundraising. Each Rider has a $150 fundraising minimum. The website has made sending emails to your network incredibly easy. You can find fundraising tips here.


4. Riders have until September 30th to fundraise. Once fundraising is complete, we distribute a check to the Nonprofit beneficiary for the amount their team has raised. All funds raised, minus a small administrative fee goes directly to the Nonprofit. 


Click to see a list of Charity Teams.

Interested in volunteering? Check out the Volunteer FAQ's