Why I Ride: Vishal Patel and Team La Salle Robotics

"These students were the driving force behind the La Salle Robotics Breakthrough Bike Challenge team. They are so thrilled to take part in the BBC and raise money that supports cutting-edge research to help people faced with cancer.” 
- Vishal Patel


At the entrance of La Salle High School, a large sign reads “Enter to Learn, Leave to Serve." Vishal Patel is a teacher at La Salle, and leader of the La Salle Robotics Club. He and his 50 club members have taken this motto to heart, and for the past several years they have picked a different cancer cause in the Philadelphia region to support. This year, the Robotics Club chose the Breakthrough Bike Challenge (BBC) to be the recipient of their volunteer and philanthropic efforts.

BBC was selected by the students because it champions a variety of research efforts in different disease areas at the Abramson Cancer Center. Vishal said it was important to his students to find an organization that impacts cancer research and care for people of all backgrounds and genders, rather than a disease-specific organization. Vishal and several of his colleagues, in addition to students and their family members, are planning to participate in the BBC on Sunday, September 16th, as Team La Salle Robotics. Interest in the ride among the students has been so strong that Vishal sees the La Salle Robotics Club supporting the BBC annually.