Why I Ride: Molly Vos

Molly with her mom, sister, and aunt

Molly really enjoyed being a part of the 2020 Breakthrough Bike Challenge, supports the cause, and appreciates that the BBC didn’t let the pandemic stop their efforts to raise these important funds.

Meet BBC participant Molly Vos! 

Molly participated in the Breakthrough Bike Challenge for the first time in 2020. Because the event was virtual, she was able to participate from her home in Michigan. Molly participated in the BBC as a cyclist, and plans to participate virtually again this year.

Molly was invited to join Dr. Domchek’s team, Basser Bikers, after receiving a personal invitation from Dr. Domchek via email. Getting that email felt really personal and motivated Molly to join the team and raise funds for a cause that is important to her.

Several years ago, Molly was not aware of the Basser Center for BRCA at Penn Medicine’s Abramson Cancer Center. She became connected with Penn Med through work, and then realized that she also has a personal connection as she lost an aunt to ovarian cancer. Her mother and aunt were tested for the BRCA mutation, and Molly found the timing interesting as she had been working with Penn Med. This personal connection is what really drove Molly to become involved with the BBC.

Before the 2020 event, Dr. Domchek (from the Basser Center for BRCA) sent an email to the team, and Molly really appreciated the authenticity of the message. “I’m not going to be on the leaderboard, I’ll be on the back or in the middle,” she wrote. Molly, a fairly competitive person, found it refreshing that this event was not intended for people to win any awards. The BBC is just about supporting an important cause, and it’s nice to not have the pressure of a competition.

In the uncertain times of the last year, Molly loved the fact that the BBC continued raising money even though they couldn’t hold their in-person event. She really enjoyed being a part of it, supports the cause, and appreciates that they didn’t let the pandemic stop their efforts to raise these important funds.

This year, Molly hopes to up her miles from last year and ride 75 miles. She also intends to share her personal connection with her network in order to help with fundraising and networking. She plans to share information so her family and friends can research on their own and then make a donation. Believing that this event is about community and involvement, Molly looks forward to once again participating and helping the cause.

By supporting the BBC, Molly is also supporting the Basser Center and raising awareness for the cause. The more information that is shared about the Basser Center and PMACC, the more the network will grow.

You can learn more about the Basser Bikers, and show your support for the Breakthrough Bike Challenge, here: https://www.ms-stride.org/breakthroughbikechallenge/profiles/team/BasserBikers