Required Donation

We always strive to create a fun & safe ride. The main purpose of the ride, however, is to raise funds we can then donate to our four amazing charities. The more each of us works to maximize donations - either personally, from family, businesses, and friends - the more we can help the folks in our community.

All riders are required to raise a minimum of $250 (in addition to the registration fee, which is $35 through July 31, 2024. This is easier than you’d think! We encourage you to raise this amount and more. Registration increases to $50 on August 1, 2024

You are welcome to pay the charitable donations individually or ask your friends, neighbors, co-workers or employers to help sponsor your ride. We do reward exceptional individual fundraisers!

Help our Charities and Get Rewarded!!      
Raise More Donations – Earn Prizes!!     

As an added incentive to those who raise charitable donations in excess of the required amounts, Top Fundraisers may qualify for a Top Prize or choose a 
Prize from our 2024 Fundraiser Prize Catalog!