Fundraising Tips & Toolkit

Fundraising Toolkit

Click to download the 2020 Fundraising Toolkit.


When you sign up to participate in the Tour de Gem, you have the opportunity to make a difference for thousands of people in our community.

For many people, fundraising can be intimidating. Many seasoned fundraising veterans have found that people aren’t offended by donation requests. They’re often more disappointed they weren’t asked!

Make an ask of everyone you know. If they are inclined to make a donation, they will. If not, they won’t. It’s that simple.


What are the best ways to raise funds?

After you register, you can personalize your fundraising page with information about the nonprofit you are supporting and why YOU are fundraising on their behalf. Fundraising is about personal connection and appealing to the donor. The best way to get people is to make a donation, is to make sure you have a compelling WHY. Why is this cause important to you?

Send an email to your friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors asking them to make an online donation. You can do this directly from your personal fundraising page.

Send a letter or handwritten note to people, along with the web address to your personal fundraising page.

Be creative!


How can friends and family make a donation online?

On the home page of the website, friends and family can locate a participant or team by clicking on the “Teams/Riders” tab. They can type in the name of a participant or team and be directed to the team or personal fundraising page.


Can I send a donation using traditional mail?

Absolutely! Just mail a check and completed donation form that has the name of the rider, team, or volunteer you are sponsoring. Make sure you mail both items to the address indicated on the donation form. Our mailing address is: The Dayton Foundation, Att: Tour de Gem, 1401 South Main Street, Suite 500; Dayton, OH 45409.


How can I see who sponsored me?

You will automatically receive an email notifying you when a donation has been made. Or, you can login to the Tour de Gem website and go to your personal page, then click on the “Donations” tab to view your donor list and the amounts they have donated.


How do donors obtain tax receipts?

Those who donate online with a valid email address will receive a donation tax receipt. 


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Join us in raising money to help make Dayton stronger!