Safelite Challenge FAQ

What's the Safelite Challenge?

In 2021, the purpose of the Safelite Challenge is to rally as many people as possible. The more people we register, the more good we can do. 

All proceeds raised will go towards Afrika Tikkun, the Caring Heart Fund and cancer research.

Everyone who participates will be registered for the 2021 Spirit of Belron Challenge and the funds raised for Afrika Tikkun will be included in our check presented as part of the event. 


What's the Spirit of Belron Challenge?

Every year, the people of Belron come together in a global sporting challenge, to raise money for our global charity partner Afrika Tikkun. Together, we've raised over $12.5M. 

This year's event takes place September 22-26 and encourages participants to bike, swim, walk run or wheelchair to raise money and awareness this worthy cause. Plus, we've set an additional goal this year — accumulating enough miles to go around the globe at least four times!

Prizes are awarded to those that go the furthest overall in each category. If you're excited to participate but know you're not a contender, you can share photos for a chance to win additional prizes. 


Why do we have two challenges?

We want to get an early start on participation and fundraising for the Spirit of Belron — while also making a difference for other worthy organizations here in the U.S.

When you register for the Safelite Challenge, you're automatically registered to participate in the Spirit of Belron Challenge. Simply download the Spirit of Belron app and set up your account in early September.


What do I get?

All participants will receive a 2021 Safelite Challenge pennant and you'll be registered to participate in the 20th annual Spirit of Belron Challenge!

The swag you receive is based on how much you raise by September 22. (This amount includes your registration fee!)

Believer - $25  |  Safelite Challenge t-shirt

Advocate - $50  |  Safelite Challenge t-shirt and insulated cup

Champion - $120  |  Safelite Challenge t-shirt, insulated cup, and lightweight zip-up jacket

Hero - $250  |  Safelite Challenge t-shirt, insulated cup, lightweight zip-up jacket and a spin of the wheel prize


Is my registration fee tax deductible?  

A portion of your registration fee may be tax deductible.  The amount of your registration fee less the value of the items you receive (such as tshirt, tumbler, hoodie, etc) is included on your registration/donation receipt.   Donations are 100% tax-deductible.

Can I earn more incentives after I register? Will my incentives increase if I receive more donations?

Yes! The more money you raise, the more swag you earn!


When will I get my incentives/SWAG?

Register by September 3 and you'll get your t-shirt in mid-September, just in time for the Spirit of Belron. Additional incentives will be dispersed in the weeks following the Spirit of Belron. Earn a chance at the prize wheel? Stay tuned. We'll let you know when it's your turn to take a spin. 


My family wants to participate with me. Can I order extra shirts?

Yes, you can order shirts using a credit card on the website. Either when you register or at a later date. 


Can I win prizes or awards?

For the Safelite Challenge, you'll earn incentives based how much you fundraise. 

The Spirit of Belron Challenge will award prizes in each event for the longest distance each day and the longest total distance over five days.


Can I make a donation through a payroll deduction?

Yes! This year, payroll deduction is available to all Safelite associates. The deadline for submitting payroll deduction requests is September 23, 2021. You have the option to print and sign or complete it online and email. The form provides the option to select a single payroll deduction or spread it over 10 weeks.

Once you submit the payroll deduction, you will be provided a promo code via email to allow you to register without additional payment needed.   After you complete your registation, we will add your fundraising donation to your page.


How long do I have to meet the fundraising commitment?

There's no commitment. When you register, you can choose your participation level and make a donation. As you add to your fundraising, you will earn additional incentives. Fundraising ends on September 26.


Can I pay for someone's registration?  How can I sponsor someone?

This is a great way to involve your family and co-workers.  To “sponsor” other participants, begin your registration (or the first person's).  Then after completeing the first page of information, select the green button at the bottom of the Step 3 page - “Add Another Participant”.  A pop up window will appear and allows you to complete the other participants information – selecting the participation level, work location and entering basic information about the participant.    Continue adding participants until you are done.  You can then proceed to pay by credit card for all the participants at the same time.  You will need name, location, shirt size (if selecting Believer or above) email address (or you can use your email address again) and birthday for each participant (we won’t double check birthdays ??).

What if someone wants to donate by check?

Checks should be made payable to Safelite AutoGlass Foundation, with Safelite Challenge in the memo. Please send the check to Safelite AutoGlass, ATTN: Jenny Kipker, 7400 Safelite Way, Columbus, OH 43235. Once received, we will update your fundraising page to indicate offline donations. 


What organizations does this event support?

The 2021 Safelite Challenge which is supports three different causes: the Belron global charity, Afrika Tikkun; the Safelite Caring Fund; and cancer-related causes determined by each region. 


What's Afrika Tikkun?
For the past 25 years, Afrika Tikkun has implemented cradle to career development programs to support children and their families from infancy into adulthood and employment to ensure that they become the next generation of productive South African citizens. How? With three core programs (Early Childhood Development, Child and Youth Development and Youth Skills Development and Placement), the eight Afrika Tikkun centers are located in the very communities where these vulnerable families live in the Johannesburg and Cape Town areas of South Africa. Why South Africa? Belron's founders began there more than 100 years ago, and have committed to giving back to that community, because it's the right thing to do. More information can be found at


How can I share my fundraising page on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter?

Log in with your credentials and click on the appropriate icons located on the right-hand side of your page under “Share This Page."