Afrika Tikkun

Since 1994, Afrika Tikkun has implemented cradle-to-career development programs to support children and their families from infancy into adulthood and employment to ensure that they become the next generation of productive South African citizens.


Why South Africa? 

Belron's founders began there more than 100 years ago, and have committed to giving back to that community because it's the right thing to do.

In 1995, then-President Nelson Mandela visited one of Afrika Tikkun's projects in rural South Africa and was so impressed with the impact the organization was having in the area that three days later he offered his ongoing commitment by becoming their patron in chief. Since Mandela's first visit, Afrika Tikkun's commitment to the development of South Africa has only deepened with the organization's focus evolving from project-based to sustainable, holistic development of children and communities. Throughout Afrika Tikkun's transformation, Mandela's dedication to the organization's work never wavered and Afrika Tikkun is honored to have had his support.


Over the past 27 years, Afrika Tikkun has impacted the lives of thousands of young South Africans and their families by:

Providing early childhood education to over 30,500 children aged 2 - 6

Providing educational support to over 74,000 young people between the of ages 7 - 18

Assisting over 13,000 young people to become job-ready and over 4,500 to find work placements

Supporting over 78,000 young people and their families through social services

Providing 500,000 people with primary healthcare services

Serving over 21.2 million meals