Team Kids Outreach

Welcome to our 2019 Race for the Soul team fundraising page!

Team Kids Outreach is led by Team Captain MaryClaire Rochte and we aim to raise over $15,000 through Race for the Soul this year in order to impact that lives of the children in central Ohio who are in need of Hope through people like you and Columbus Dream Center volunteers.

Make your tax-deductible donation today and take the first step toward helping us achieve our goal. Thank you for your support!

Our Funds Raised: $1,030.00
My goal: $15,000.00 6%
Fundraising History
Anya Shireman Private
Kara Hurley $20.00
Anonymous Private
Maddie Goss $30.00
Brielle Shireman $20.00
Jackson King $20.00
MJ Clifton $20.00
Gwen Clifton $30.00
Tyler Davis $40.00
Evan Goss $30.00
Josh Butler $30.00
Greg Rochte $30.00
Reagan Clifton $30.00
Angie Clifton $30.00
Cheryl Altic $30.00
Ashley Davidson $30.00
Kera Little $30.00
Mandy Butler $30.00
BEN Butler $30.00
ANNA Butler $30.00
Nicole Brittain $40.00
Matt Little $30.00
Kara Hurley $40.00
Rob Proper $40.00
Anya Shireman $40.00
Laura Hallett $30.00
Steve Clifton $30.00
Kurtis Altic $30.00
John Greene $40.00
Matt Brittain $40.00
Becky Cummings $30.00
Bart Butler $30.00
Joel Shireman $40.00