Our Benefactors


DREAM CENTER - THIRTY YEARS AGO, Pastors Steve and Wanda Campbell began to dream of a place where people who were downtrodden, disadvantaged, and disregarded could find hope a place of escape from the relentless pressure of gangs, addiction, homelessness, and inner city poverty. In faith, they began to build upon their dream, and for thirty years, through a ministry called The Better Way, hurting families have been served, broken lives have been transformed, and hopeless people have been given hope.

As part of their love for the city, Pastors Steve and Wanda have mentored and befriended countless pastors and leaders in our city throughout the years. In 2013, one such friendship began in a sandwich shop in the Short North, between Pastor Steve and Chad Fisher, Founding and Lead Pastor of Rock City Church. As their friendship developed, the two began dreaming together. What would the next thirty years of ministry look like? As much as God has blessed the ministry of The Better Way, what would it look like to believe God for immeasurably more? How can we, together, serve more, give more, and reach more than ever before? 

As they continued to share and pray and dream together, it became incredibly clear. God was birthing something new and in a defining conversation, Pastor Chad asked: "Have you ever heard of a Dream Center? What would you think about starting a Dream Center here in Columbus?"

What Chad could not have known was how Steve and Wanda were both a part of the founding of the original LA Dream Center, and that for years they had carried that vision in their hearts.

Over the next year, The Better Way began an organizational transformation, and in the fall of 2015, The Columbus Dream Center officially opened its doors to both continue the legacy that is its foundation, and expand its outreach by creating new ministry opportunities and increasing volunteer capacity.

The Columbus Dream Center is powered and funded through partnerships with local churches, organizations, and individuals. As we look ahead to the future, we invite you to dream with us and be a part of this only God story.



TOTAL HEALTH - FROM DR. JAY - I’m a Primary Care Physician. In 2002, I did my first medical mission trip to La Ceiba, Honduras — and I was instantly broken. I stayed in a host family’s concrete block home, surrounded by the poorest of the poor. Homes with dirt floors and leaky roofs, pieced together from scrap metal found here and there. Dads would work all day to literally just earn enough for one meal, usually beans and rice. Kids would work the streets as well at very young ages, to help the family survive. And medical care… well, it just wasn’t existent.

A church had recently built a health clinic there after Hurricane Mitch had devastated Honduras, but the clinic was unmanned. I’d hop on a plane every 3-6 months just to do what I could do, but that only broke me more. When it comes to medical care, I needed to be there at the right time, and all the time. Not just when it was convenient for me. The simplest of issues could have been taken care of, if I was simply there.

On one of my earlier trips, I met a 10-year old boy who changed my life. He had gotten a cut, probably a cut any one of our kids here might have gotten while playing in the woods. But when I saw him, it was no longer just a cut. His foot was the size of a cantaloupe and red with fire, streaks going up his leg, and filled with puss out of control. Such a small thing had become an incredibly dangerous infection, and it was spreading quickly. I did all I could that day to clean out, drain, and treat the wound, but he needed more. The truth is, less than $0.50 worth of medicine would have fixed that simple cut weeks before, but I wasn’t there. I never saw that little boy again, and it lives with me to this day, understanding that there’s a good chance he did not live.

These people deserved more, and I knew the simplest of medical care could alter this village’s entire world. We started Total Health soon after that to give these beautiful people emotional and physical care they deserved, and to more importantly, tell them about the love of Jesus, which none of us deserve.

A few years after starting that first clinic, we were seeing 8,000 – 10,000 patients a year — and telling every single person about the love of Jesus. We partnered with local Christian leaders and churches to be able to do this. Yes… emotional and physical care, but also discipleship with follow-up and a spiritual support that only a local community can provide.

Today, we see over 20,000 patients a year at four clinics, and $35,000 pays for a clinic, doctor, staff, and medicines for an entire year. Our care includes: dental clinics, kids' programs, home building, and sending hundreds of short-term missionaries.

The NEED. IS. GREAT.  The people are beautiful, and your support goes outrageously far… changing the life of so many beautiful faces, young and old.