Big Lots Furniture Team Members
Shakira Weeks
Donna Jones
Liz Wilson
Jeffrey Lucas
Johan Hoover
Caitlin Housiaux
Scott Hutton

Big Lots Furniture Team

Team Years: 1

Welcome to our 2018 Furniture Bank Bed Race team fundraising page! Our fundraising efforts will support the Furniture Bank of Central Ohio’s mission to provide furniture to central Ohio families and individuals struggling with poverty and other severe life challenges.

Make your tax-deductible donation today and take the first step toward helping us achieve our goal.

Thank you for your support!

Our Funds Raised: $8,695.00

Donation History
Penny Francis - Homestar $75.00
Allen Seed $20.00
Amy Bleh $25.00
Homestar North America $200.00
Have fun and good luck to everyone.
Keith News $200.00
Go Team Furniture
Anonymous $100.00
Scott Hutton $50.00
Go Div 9!!!!
Robert Kimbrell $90.00
Jason Markin $25.00
Shakira Weeks $20.00
Go Div9!
Alyssa Gliatas $25.00
Good Luck Div.9!!!!!!!!
Donna Jones $100.00
Bryan Dorman $100.00
Andy Regrut $100.00
Michelle Christensen $100.00
Carlos and Patti Rodriguez $100.00
Great cause, best of luck!
Kara $15.00
Go Team BIG LOTS!!!
Rich and Ann Peterson $100.00
Go Big Lots Team
LOUIS CRAMER $1,000.00
Tina Lowe $50.00
Love to support great causes! Go team!
Jim Anthony $150.00
Good Luck Team Furniture!
Tony Cantrell $100.00
Go Div 9 Furniture Team!!!
Cindy and Dale Hughes $100.00
Bonner Coleman $125.00
Terry Furr $50.00
Chad C $250.00
Amy K $100.00
Ryan Housiaux $60.00
Catherine Cherpak $25.00
Good luck Saturday! :)
Teresa Chaffin $50.00
Anonymous $50.00
Michael & Laura Wagner $100.00
You got this Div 9!! Best Div @ BIG!!
Ali Keane $35.00
Go Div 9!!
MIchael Miller and Jeffrey Davis $1,000.00
Steve and Barb Fiahman $100.00
Mike Moore $50.00
The Surace Family $35.00
Kim Janes $35.00
Lisa Bachmann $100.00
Julie Burdette $35.00
Curtis and Julia Kimbrell $100.00
Toni and Dave Housiaux $50.00
We were notified by Caitlin of the bed race fundraiser. We are happy to donate to a good cause and will be there to cheer her and her team on!
TJ $250.00
Paul Schroeder $250.00
Caitlin Housiaux $20.00
Rocky Robins $100.00
Mike Schlonsky $100.00
Laurie Murdick $100.00
Dan Yokum $50.00
Stella Keane $100.00
Thank you for all you do to support our community!
Jessica Samuels $75.00
Go Team Furniture!
Scott Hutton $75.00
Way to go Div 9!
Hunter Davis $200.00
Great cause...good luck! $125.00
Adir Sayani $200.00
Barbara Fishman $50.00
Minaz $200.00
Anonymous Private
Leo Renegado $50.00
Good luck team!
Larry and joyce $125.00
Shelley Samuels $25.00
So happy to donate to such a worthy cause!
David Blake Private
Good luck
Jeff Darbaker $50.00
Div 9 Dominates!!
Kim Decker $100.00
Anonymous Private
Thanks for your efforts to help local families - hoping that others will make the commitment as well. If we would all do the same we could change the world!!
Robert Kimbrell $250.00
GO D9!!!!!!!!!!
Jeff Lucas $100.00
Go team!!!
Johan $150.00
Big Lots Furniture team is #1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Donna Jones $175.00