2021 Award Recipient: The Wells Foundation 



The “Joan Markman Volunteer Leader Award” recognizes those who undertake significant efforts to recruit volunteers and lead their efforts on ride day. The Breakthrough Bike Challenge’s commitment to donate 100% of rider-raised funds requires herculean efforts by its volunteers. The ride would not happen without these generous gifts of talents and time. Joan Markman—in whose name the award is given—served as one of the BBC’s first volunteer board members until breast cancer cut her life short; Joan championed volunteers and would have delighted in the giving of this award.



2021 Award Recipient: Peter Heiman






The “Muscoe Martin Fundraising Leadership Award" recognizes individuals who lead our fundraising efforts. The Breakthrough Bike Challenge directs 100% of all rider raised dollars to fund research at Penn Medicine's Abramson Cancer Center, and the recipients of these funds are called Buz Cooper scholars. Our top fundraisers are essential to carrying out the BBC's mission.








2021 Award Recipient: Alfred L Garfall 




The “Bob Van Dang Penn Leader Award” recognizes individuals who have promoted the Breakthrough Bike Challenge within the University of Pennsylvania community—raising awareness amongst Penn riders, volunteers, donors, faculty, and administrators.