How It Works


With the Breakthrough Bike Challenge, you’ve got three options:

  1. Sign up as an Individual
    Register, create your personal story page, and then invite friends and families to support the cause.
  2. Start a Team
    When you register as an individual, also create a team page by inputting a team page at the prompt. Then invite your friends to join.
  3. Join a Team
    When you register as an individual, search for your team’s name at the prompt, and join. It’s that easy.






Reach high!

100% of the dollars you raise will support breakthrough cures at Penn Medicine’s Abramson Cancer Center — a worldwide leader in cancer research. Our sponsors generously cover the costs of the ride so that the funds you raise will go directly to the researchers who need your help to develop new cures.

Here are four keys to effective fundraising:

  1. Donate to Yourself
    “Walk the walk.” Donate to yourself. You will encourage others to follow.
  2. Customize Your Page
    Tell your friends and family why you’re riding—to fund innovative cancer research to make positive stories possible. A personal, genuine, and brief explanation of why you’re riding will call others to action.
  3. Start Fundraising Early
    Send your friends and family a link to your fundraising page, and they will surprise you by how quickly they respond. Their generous response will prompt you and others to spread the word further—creating a wonderful cycle of success.
  4. Activate Your Social Media?

Elevate your fundraising to a new level using the best practice tips and tactics shared here.

 A little engagement goes a long way when encouraging others to participate. 




  1. Pledge! Choose the number of miles that you would like to complete over the 30-day time period of the virtual event. These miles can be biked, ran, or walked.
  2. Track! Complete your miles in the location of your choosing. Track your miles on the Strava app. Tracking on Strava is not required, but it is recommended!
  3. Share! Share progress updates with both your donors and other participants