My Team: Team Skelton
Team Funds Raised: $3,092.40
Team Goal: $900.00

Brittney Skelton

Welcome to my 2017 Team Endurance fundraising page!  

Funds raised through the efforts of the Rampy MS Research Foundation from our Team Endurance for MS and Trifest for MS activities go to fuel research in the US.  Below are the highlights of our footprint as of today.

  • Support 20% of the MS research at UAMS in Little Rock, AR in the Rampy MS Research Lab
  • Support the work of two research doctors and two clinical doctors doing part-time research
  • Five year commitment to raise $250,000 began in 2013
  • Foundation will embark on new grant model in 2018 to award scholarships and grants to leading scientist in the US through grant submission process
  • Research has been able to reproduce the MS gene in animal model
  • Research currently in trial in animal model to isolate the most common proteolipid protein in MS patients

Make your tax-deductible donation today and take the first step toward helping me achieve my goal. Thank you for your support!

My Funds Raised: $2,625.00

Donation History
Leah Williams $25.00
Darin Many $100.00
Behalf of Post family Private
Wells Foundation $250.00
David Newman $20.00
Gooo Skeltons!
Amber Dunn $10.00
Katie Anderson $10.00
Jennifer Bushong $10.00
Bike raffle!!!
Jim Pustinger $50.00
Casey Weatherford $10.00
Carolyn Private
Go girl!
Brittany Nelson $20.00
Bike Raffle!
Rush Family $50.00
Beth Lunde $30.00
You rock!!
Heather adams Private
Eileen $50.00
Great job with all your fundraising!! You'll have to teach me your ways next year ??
Matt Blaty $25.00
Sonya Jin $40.00
Great job fundraising and looks like a great raffle!
Paul B Cochran $30.00
Bike Raffle
Stephanie Cochran $30.00
Bike Stuff!!
David Newman $20.00
Grant Pledger $20.00
Jessica Baldini $30.00
#MaienscheinMeadows $20.00
Ken Weatherford $10.00
You guys are amazing.
Tiffany Mallard $30.00
Nicole Chervenyak $20.00
This girl needs a new pair of bike shoes! You got me lol
Brandon Johnson $50.00
Regina Barnes $10.00
Jamie Smith $30.00
Ashley Spencer $25.00
Go Team Skelton! Thank you so much for raising funds and awareness for MS!
Megan Segraves $5.00
Jo Rampy $20.00
BRITTNEY!!! You have been a great influence as an encourager to a world of MS???? Thank you & your family for being those shining stars ??
Whitney $20.00
Laura Jade Farris $10.00
Leah Williams $20.00
Shannon West $10.00
Regina Barnes $10.00
Julie Adams $50.00
You are awesome!
Kellie Sprouse $10.00
Good luck! ?
Lesya Morrison $10.00
Amber Dunn $10.00
Angie Roy $25.00
Katelyn Jost $10.00
Meagan Hussain $20.00
Jessica Dickey $20.00
Elisabeth Ward $100.00
Love you!!
Jenn Heiges $50.00
Brie Rodmon $30.00
Michelle Albertson $25.00
Kristin Daniel $30.00
Go Brittney!!
Katherine Radewald $20.00
The Reds $25.00
Cristina Easterling $40.00
Tina Winham $50.00
Steven Ko $100.00
Hogtown Creations $50.00
Sheila Brooks $10.00
Gracie Ziegler $50.00
Brandy Delassus $20.00
Holly Stertz $10.00
A. Miller $30.00
Laura Jade Farris $50.00
Proud of you! :)
Whitney Snyder $10.00
Anonymous $10.00
Praying for healing!! I love jo Rampy????
Missy Phinney $50.00
Lulu $30.00
Brittany & Nathan Jones $50.00
Amy Yearry $70.00
Go Brittney!! (And yay! Red bird Necklace ??)
Grady & Kailee Mathews $20.00
Sarah Beahm $20.00
Good luck! All that training will pay off!
Margaret Griffing $25.00
You are going to rock this!!!!! So excited for you and Grahm!
Beth Farmer $35.00
Newman $20.00
LJ and Joe $25.00
#MaienscheinMeadows $20.00
Christine & Chad Doellinger $25.00
Brenda Skelton $5.00
Erin & Steve Edminister $5.00
Josh and Missy Phinney $50.00
Kelly Sikorski $20.00
Lulu Bruns $50.00
Lew/Janice Skelton $10.00
The Zeeck Family $25.00
Go B! Your dedication to your sport is inspiring & sometimes an annoying reminder to us slackers that we should get off our @sses and do something too!! Always so proud of you & your beautiful little family!!! Go Team Skelton!! love, the Zeecks