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I have MS.   The short story....  In early April 2001 (avid runner training for 10K)  My run time slowed down due to the left side of my body expericing numbness.  I ended up at my general practioner who ordered an MRI ASAP.  Soon after seeing her I traveled back from a mission trip in a hot July amtrack train where the AC was not working to hear news of the MRI. The brain MRI showed signs of MS, which soon was confirmed with a spinal tap procedure.  Multiple Sclerosis is a unpredictable progressive chronic disease of the central nervous system.  Please support me today by clicking on the green donate button above.  

I know that with support from people like you the money raised will help fund amazing progress in MS research.  I hope you will help me end MS forever!  Sincerely Jo Rampy, CEO RMSRF


About Team Endurance

Welcome to my 2017 Team Endurance fundraising page!  

Funds raised through the efforts of the Rampy MS Research Foundation from our Team Endurance for MS and Trifest for MS activities go to fuel research in the US.  Below are the highlights of our footprint as of today.

  • Support 20% of the MS research at UAMS in Little Rock, AR in the Rampy MS Research Lab
  • Support the work of two research doctors and two clinical doctors doing part-time research
  • Five year commitment to raise $250,000 began in 2013
  • Foundation will embark on new grant model in 2018 to award scholarships and grants to leading scientist in the US through grant submission process
  • Research has been able to reproduce the MS gene in animal model
  • Research currently in trial in animal model to isolate the most common proteolipid protein in MS patients

Make your tax-deductible donation today and take the first step toward helping me achieve my goal. Thank you for your support!

My Funds Raised: $1,255.00
My goal: $800.00 100%
Donation History
Sarah Dolphin Company Match $100.00
Mike Beckstead $100.00
Sarah Dolphin $100.00
$100 donation each to Jo and Scott. Will also process $200 corporate match to bring donation to $400.
Tam Tam $270.00
Susan Stwgeman $50.00
For you, Jo!
Debbie Wiedemeier $25.00
Tony and Patti Park $200.00
Go Jo!!!!
ian parker $25.00
Go Team Endurance for MS Go Jo !
Mom Rampy $30.00
Praying for you!
Team Skelton $25.00
Thinking of you today while you're in LR !
Shannon Crain $20.00
Love you guys!
STR $300.00
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